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Native American beadwork at its FINEST! Meet, Greet, Share, Enjoy!

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O'Siyo! (Welcome, in Cherokee)

"When are you going to make a website with all of your beadwork pictures?"

"Aren't you going to start selling things on the internet soon? You know you could reach a lot more people that way."
"You should start a shop or boutique or something, or at least have a photo albumn of your stuff."
These are only a few of the things I have been told over the years. So, today I have decided that indeed, I would create a website to display my past projects (the Gallery link), to display things that are for sale right now (the Items For Sale link), and to link to Native American informational articles and other websites (in the Informational link).
Please have fun while you look around. There is a lot to see here! I have 21 years of beadworking experience and I have a long history of well pleased customers! Read some of the many customer testimonies in the "testimonies" link. Feel free to contact me about custom orders. Any Native American beadwork project can be completed, and no job is too big or to small for me!
(Thank You, in Cherokee)

See what's for sale NOW!

Click here: Photo Album.

I take Paypal (which includes all debit, bank, and credit cards), postal money orders (no western union or moneygram), and checks. Commodity cheese for a trade works too! (haha)

All of my work is unconditionally guaranteed for a whole year!


Beat THAT Wal-Mart!



Email me to contribute your tips, tricks, free information websites (no advertising, please), or beading patterns to the site. Please let me know how you would like me to give you proper credit for your submission (i.e., by: anonymous, by: Sandra D., etc.)

NOTE: I do NOT sell or in any way redistribute your personal information. Its just little ol' me sitting around at the home computer after all!


Me hard at work at one of the many dances where I have sold my things.



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