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Every once in awhile I come across something on the web that sure enough is absolutely, positively, without a catch free. And some of the stuff I find is useful to all us beadworking folks. So, if I find something good, I will list it here for you as well as the website where you can get it for free for yourself.
If any of these links get broken be sure to let me know so I can try to at least replace the free thing with my copy, that way nobody gets let down!

Native American Free Stuff
Free Native American Ringtones & Wallpaper for your cellphone or wireless device -
Native American Ringtones & Wallpaper are free courtesy of: Native Americans @ Buffalo Trails

Free Native American Crossword Puzzle: Test your knowledge of Native American history and culture.

Here is another Free Native American Crossword Puzzle

Post and view public domain patriotic pictures, photographs, artwork and cartoons albums.

Send a Free Native American Musical Greeting Cards to your friends and family.

Free Native American music demos - We carry a wide variety of Native American CDs and Cassettes.

Free Native American MP3 Downloads. Indian Blues Rock provided by Jackie Bird (Dakota Oyate)

Another Free Native American MP3 Download. With Love, Honor and Respect. Indian Blues Rock provided by Jackie Bird (Dakota Oyate)

Free Native American Quote's

Free Native American E-books An Extensive collection of full text e-books courtesy of: University of Virginia E-book Library. MS Reader and Palm Devices are supported.

Free Native American E-books. Californian natives.

Free Native American E-books. Inuit natives.

Free Native American E-books. Plains natives.

Free Native American E-books. Iroquois natives.

Free Native American E-books. Northwestern natives.

Free Native American E-books. Southeastern natives.

Free Native American E-books. Cherokee natives.

Free Native American E-books. Southwestern natives.

Free Native American E-books. Navajo natives.

Free Native American E-books. Zuņi natives.

Free Native American E-books. Hopi natives.

Free "How to build a Native American Dreamcatcher" instructions.

Free Craft Projects & Beadwork Patterns

Free Native American Guide to Beadwork Online. Includes Patterns and Instructions

Free Native American Theme & Screensaver Collection created by Kenja

Free Native American Icons in GIF format. Poison's Icons - Web Graphics -Clip Art

Beautiful Free Native American themes for your computer desktop.

Free Native American Wallpapers

Free Native American Newsletter

Free description of setting up a tipi.

Free - The Native American Bedtime-Story™ Collection

Free Native American Games

Native Way - Recipe Index

Nativetech: Food and Recipes - Native American Technology and Art:
FREE PEYOTE STITCH/ GOURD STITCH GRAPHING PAPER. Page 2 of this download is bigger than the first and I found it will work great for graphing out things. (must have adobe acrobat) Found at this website:
FREE LOOMWORK GRAPHING PAPER.(must have adobe acrobat) Found at this website:

More to come, I promise!!!