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Learn how to work from home via the internet, no investment required!

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Learn how to work from home via the internet, no investment required!
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Do you want to work from home? Good! I am going to tell you how to do it, no money involved, no commitments of any sort. I don't even need to get an email from you to say you are interested! You will need a bank account ( or someone else;s bank account, by their permission of course!), access to a computer with internet, an email address, and willpower!

If you have a little time to spare, let me take you by the hand and show you how to make some money right here, right now. If not, copy down this website address and come back later on when you have a little more time. You could also print this whole thing out and then read through it in between the water fights, dirty diapers, and dishes. Hey, put it under the cabinet in the bathroom, use it for reading materials during those very few moments of peace (if you;re lucky that is!).

If you don't have time right now, no problem. I would advise that you select and copy this whole article, then paste it into a wordpad document and save it to your computer. You can come back to it later on that way on your own time, without worry of finding this exact website in the future.


My name is Amy. I am an at-home mom of two beautiful little ones. I looked for YEARS trying to find something to do from home. Over the last two years or so, I found it! Well, a few "its" actually. And I am here today to spread the word, to help out all you ladies out there (and men, too) who want to do just like me! I am not hired by anyone to do this, its just me and my outdated home computer, typing away as the kids play hide and seek under my feet and whack each other off the bed behind me. Oh yeah, lots of fun. And if you are laughing right now, then you relate!


This is a very long article, so please bear with me. But once you get through this not only will you know how to make money from home, but you will be able to start doing it IMMEDIATELY! You will not become a millionaire, not by any means. Well, I take that back, I guess that some miracle of some sort could happen where you find this amazing niche and start racking in the moo-lah. If so, hey, message me and let me celebrate with you! But seriously, if you want to make a little money to suppliment your family, especially in these hard economic times, then I am giving you all the information you need to do so!

I am going to tell you about five different programs that I know for a fact, from personal experience, will earn you money. The earning potentials are "supposedly" unlimited, but really, its more to do with how much or how little time you have.

Here are the five ways: (and I will take you by the hand to tell you how to do each one TODAY!)

1) Article Writing
2) Affiliate Marketing
3) Auctions
4) Ebay Sales (and related sales sites)
5) Mystery Shopping

What I will share with you in each of these five categories barely scratches the surface. I am only going to talk about what I know personally, from my own experiences. What I tell you is proven because I have done it, time and time again. Oh I have hit some chug holes along the way, for sure, and I;m not even going to start on those. Once you get your feet wet you may find other opportunities too!


By the way, don;t bother with those things called paid surveys, paid emails, or get paid to look at advertisements. You;ll spin your wheels for months and yet never earn enough money for one ten dollar check! Oh, and NEVER PAY ANYBODY ANYTHING FOR ANY WORK_FROM _HOME stuff. Don't even waste your time with any "informational seminars" because all they are going to do is sell you software or some sort of sales gimmick with no guarantees, and you are on your own anyways. More than likely THEY are the ones who are "working from home", taking your money and then giving you the exact same information that I am giving you. The difference is that mine is FREE (haha..... aw, golly gee whiz, am I taking away money from the scammers? Well, ain;t that a shame!).

So, without further delay, lets begin the instructions!!!




There are a few things that you will need for all four of these opportunities. Lets get them all taken care of first and foremost.

1) You will need to have some sort of paper to write on, or at least something that will keep reliable records. If that reliable source is as a note on your cell phone, as a stick um on the bathroom mirror, or whatever, as long as it works then go for it! It is important to have this notetaking item beside you, because you will need to write down websites, passwords, user names, URL's, and so forth. If you lose this information, its really hard to recover it!

2) You will need an email account. If you don't already have one, go to and sign up for a free one. Do NOT pay for their "premium" service. Its not necessary! WRITE DOWN YOUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD! And in actuality, even if you already have another email account, I suggest setting up a yahoo one because it is free, it has nothing to do with your personal internet subscriptions, you can check it anywhere, people worldwide recognize yahoo, it is easy to use, and you can use it exclusively for business purposes if you like for easy records keeping.

3) Gather your banking information. If you are using somebody else;s account, you will need to get a blank check from them, their account number, and of course their permission. Make SURE that you communicate thoroughly with them that they may be receiving money into their account on your behalf. If you are using your own account, bring to the computer a blank check and the name, address, and phone number of your banking institution.


Paypal is an online bank, basically. It is a go between for you and your affilate marketing company. Paypal gives you a debit card, which you can either use at a store or anywhere that cards are taken, or you can use in any ATM and pull out cash. Paypal has numerous safety features in place to keep thieves from hacking into your account and stealing your money too! If you haven;t heard of paypal, let me tell you, I LOVE it! I have been with Paypal since 2005. I have had no worries whatsoever. They also have a live person support team that is so nice, courteous, and VERY thorough, even better than my local bank to be honest. Most affiliate marketing companies will want to pay you with paypal because it is so much easier than a paper check, its immediate to them AND immediate to you, and its got great immediate records keeping for you and for them. You can also use paypal to accept payments from your own customers like for sales and stuff. Paypal is also used by other companies, but i will get to that later.

Anyways, if you don;t have an account with them, here is a link to set one up. Be SURE that you follow this exact link and sign up for the merchant account! :

When you go to this website, it is going to say something about being able to accept credit cards. Just disregard that, because at this point it doesn;t apply to you anyways. Maybe if you get to be a big whig online business person, it will, but for now its not important. Scroll down and hit "Sign up today"

On the next screen, you will have three options. The first is a "personal" account, the second is a "premier", and the third is a "business" account. Sign up for the "Premier" account. The premier paypal account will give you a free debit card, and will allow you to receive money for your "services rendered", which is what the affiliate marketing calls your advertising efforts. You will also need this to receive payments from article writing, customers on ebay, and other sources. Hit the "Premier Account" button.

On the next screen, you will be asked for personal information, as in any form. It will also ask you for your banking account information. You can use somebody else's account if you want to, but make sure you have permission AND they understand that you will might be getting money deposited to their bank account as you are working. Paypal asks for your banking information because you can have money transferred from paypal to your bank. Also, if you buy something on ebay using paypal and you don;t have enough money in your paypal account, you can request that paypal take the remaining money out of the bank account. But in any case, paypal wants a bank account of some sort attached to your account.

Some people like to set up a bank account for the purpose of paypal. Some banks, especially those in large metro areas, know all about paypal and will set you up with a checking account for free knowing that it is only for paypal.
Finally, make sure that you get your account verified. This will be accomplished by paypal sending to your bank account a deposit of between one cent and one dollar. Once this deposit shows up in your bank account, you will be asked to log back in and enter these amounts, after which you will be verified. It is very important to be verified because without it, paypal may impose a limit to how much money you can make or how much money you can withdraw, or both.

Once you finish entering in all the information WRITE DOWN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD!!! These are of vital importance!

5) Set up a free website. This is not an "absolute" step, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, it gives you a scapegoat to get around some of the blogging site rules and regulations. I;ll explain that part later on.

I have a website that is totally free. I set it up about a year and a half ago to market my Native American beadwork. The company I use is at If you want to set up the website, you can use it for whatever you want. Take the free option though. The only difference between the free version and the $4.95 a month version is the ads banner at the top of the webpage. Which right now, it really doesn;t make any difference anyways. I have never had any trouble with tripod and its always reliable. I advise that you go through the help or tutorials to help you navigate all the bells and whistles. Be sure you can devote an hour or so to at least familiarize yourself with their website.

You may have heard of freelance writers, bloggers, blurb writers, search engine optimization articles, or any number of types of writing. In fact, more than likely you have seen job listings asking for writers of this sort. Sometimes the jobs are real, sometimes they are not.

The fact is, there really is a market out there for good article writing. And, although there are a host of different types of writing that can be performed, in my experience the most commonly requested type of work is SEO articles. These are "search engine optimization" articles. They are written similar to a high school report, where you find information on a given topic and then reword it in your own words without plagiarizing.

The goal of these articles is to make the search engines recognize the article first above all of the others.

For example, lets say that you type in the phrase "auto insurance in Denver" into the search bar. Your search results will show a whole list of who knows how many websites. The first websites listed will be the ones which contain the exact phrase "auto insurance in Denver", followed by the most popular websites which contain any of the words in any random order. So, naturally, since websites with exact phrases are shown first, it stands to reason that webmasters would want their website to contain key phrases. That is where search engine optimization comes in. You, the author, write an article about auto insurance, and then here and there in the article you will write "auto insurance in Denver" so that it sounds like it is naturally occurring in the text.
The quickest and easiest way to make money, maybe even today, is to sign up with a website called Associated Content. Their website address is This website will let you write about everything and anything, and get paid for it. You can also be paid for pictures, videos, blogs, audio snippets, and your opinion! You do not have to worry about having great grammar, punctuation, spelling, or the SEO words or catch phrases. You must have a paypal account to work for them, however, so make sure that you sign up!
At associated content you can get paid in one of two ways. You can either write a really good article using all of the instructions I have given you on article writing and get paid up front for it, or you can submit anything your heart's desire and get paid by page views only. Either way, whatever you submit will continue to earn you money from now until dooms day.
Associated content works by generating page views, for the most part. They have numerous advertisers who put those little flashy banners and changing information areas on the sides of your screen. So, anytime somebody comes to look at what you have submitted, there are advertisements, and the executives at associated content get a small revenue. And, since you helped them to gain this revenue, they turn right around and share a portion of the revenue with you as their way of saying thanks! So, no matter if you write a great article for an up front payment, or you just stick pictures on their from your kid's last birthday, you will always be raking in a little extra dough!
Be sure to take a look at their website and read all about it. They pay you quickly for up front articles, usually in about three to five days. Your payment for page views comes in one lump payment at about the second wednesday of the month. All payments are sent via paypal.

I have also worked for a wonderful company for the last two years, found at:

This company has work for you to do every day. It is at your own pace, on your own time, no strings attached. Once you sign up with them, which is totally free by the way, they will ask you to write for them a small sample article on some topic of some sort. After you submit this article, they will give you a rating. Remember, it is absolutely, positively imperative that you watch your spelling and grammar! Mistakes can mean the difference between acceptance into the company as a writer and denial! Once you receive an email saying you are approved, WRITE DOWN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD!!!

Textbroker pays monthly, and via paypal, which is why having a paypal account is so important. They have paid me on time every single month and in the exact amount I had earned. I am able to see how much money I have earned on any given day or at any time. I can accept jobs anytime I want on topics I want to write about. I can even change my mind if I accept an article and I can't do it or I don't want to do it for any given reason. It is the ultimate, perfect work-from-home job, because there is nothing to sell, no investment at all, no worries about getting paid, and reliable steady income.

I suggest that you sign up with them if you want to be able to make immediate, regular income. In any given day and in my spare time I can make $40 easy. In one day, my max earnings with textbroker has been $250. Once you get to their website, look around and learn all about them. You will not regret signing up with them!

Now, I am sure there are other companies out there that are similar to textbroker. But, since this article covers only what I know from my personal experience, I cannot speak for those other companies.
Textbroker jobs ask you to write an original article about any given topic. Generally, the purpose of these articles are for search engine optimization purposes, helping online businesses to make their names known and to gain higher rankings in search engine results pages. The topics are most often provided as "key phrases." The key phrase must be included within the article exactly as requested as many times as the customer requests.

Nobody will tell you this next tip, so take careful notes. I want to tell you how easy it is to get started writing informational articles for the web, and textbroker is the place to get your feet wet!

Article writing is basically nothing more than a paid version of the high-school book report. Technically speaking, we are all supposed to know everything about everything when we write an article, but in reality, most of us know jack squat. True? So rather than beating yourself up about how much, or how little, you know, all you have to do is find a website that is similar to what you are writing about, and reword or rephrase the content therein. Now, this does not by any means give you the right to plagiarize, and let me make this very clear. Plagiarism is the same thing as copying, and it is against the law. Rewording or rephrasing, on the other hand, means that you read a block of text and then paraphrase it in your own way or your own words.

When you rewrite or rephrase a block of text, there are four general rules to work with:

1) At a minimum, every fourth word must be different from the original text. For example, if an original sentence says, "I love to eat cheesecake and strawberries for breakfast on Sundays," you could rewrite it so say, "I love to CONSUME cheesecake and strawberries DURING breakfast on Sundays."

2) Use acronyms as much as possible. In the above example, I replaced EAT in the original text with CONSUME. Using acronyms allows you to retain the overall meaning of the original text while complying with copywrite regulations.

3) When the original text contains a list of items, rewrite them in reverse order. For example, if an original sentence states, "I have a dog, a cat, and a fish in my home," you could rewrite it to say "I have a fish, a cat, and a dog in my home."

4) It is better to add words than to take them away. For example, if an original sentence says, "I like to eat cheese," you cound add words and make the new text say, "I am very fond of eating cheese." You have retained the same meaning, added extra fluffy words, and avoided plagiarizing.

As you begin your work through textbroker, or any other writing brokerage firm for that matter, you will want to stick to these rules as closely as possible until you get a handle on things. In many cases, you will find yourself writing articles on subjects that you have absolutely no clue about personally. By sticking to these rules you avoid looking like a complete idiot, publishing inaccurate information, and losing income when articles are rejected.

A fifth rule, which is really more of a suggestion than an etched-in-stone law, is the practice of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is sometimes difficult for the beginner, especially if he or she is nervous or under pressure. Paraphrasing techniques involve rewording the original text so that all of the original meaning is retained, every fourth word is different, all lists of items are reversed or in a different order, and acronyms are used as much as possible. As time goes by, and as the writer gains experience, it will become second nature to automatically paraphrase any block of text regardless of the subject matter.

Let me give you an example of a job from textbroker. We are going to use the KEY PHRASE three times, as well as all of the rules of writing.

Topic: Cod Liver Oil

The customer requests a general subject, 200 word article about Cod Liver Oil for an online  health food clearinghouse. The customer requests that you include the key phrase three to five times within the text.

You now will open a second internet explorer browser page and type in "Cod Liver Oil" in parenthesis. Scroll through the lists of results for a website that talks about cod liver oil. You will want one that discusses the product in general, since this is tye type of article the customer requests. F.Y.I., Wikipedia is a GREAT source of information.

Once you find a general discussion of cod liver oil, begin to rewrite the original text according to our rules and guidelines above.

Lets pretend that the original content reads as follows:

"Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement derived from liver of cod fish. It has high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and very high levels of vitamin A, and vitamin D. It is widely taken to ease the symptoms of arthritis as well as other health benefits. It was once commonly given to children."

You now reword/rewrite/paraphrase this original block of text, resulting in the following new text:

"Cod liver oil, which is a common nutritional suppliment, is derived from the liver of the cod fish. The oil contains a high level of DHA and EPA, which are omega-3 fatty acids, and exceptionally high levels of vitamin D and vitamin A. It is often taken in order to ease the discomforting symptoms of arthritis or to provide other health benefits. Cod liver oil was once given to children as a daily health regimen."

If you would like some advice on how to get started in article writing , please feel free to email me!
2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically another form of advertising. Companies out there will hire you to advertise on their behalf. Rather than pay some corporate person to place advertisements all over the internet, they will pay people like you and me to do the work for them. If something sells because of your advertisement (and they have software to track who advertised what) then you get a small commission. For example, lets say that company A is trying to sell this great downloadable software program that will safely and thoroughly remove all history records. Company A offers people like you and me an affiliate marketing opportunity. They give us a special URL link (that;s the address bar thingie that takes us to a new website). If we put that URL somewhere on the internet, add a little bit of information about the product, and somebody else clicks on the URL link and then buys the software then company A will pay us (or you) a small commission. Maybe the software price was $30. Maybe they would pay you $1. Now, that might not seem like much, sure, but remember that the internet is WORLDWIDE. That means that with your one itty bitty ad and URL you could potentially reach millions of customers.

Quite literally, the more ads you put out there, the more money you can make! Some ads will stay on the internet from now till dooms day too! So just think of those possibilities. Take about three minutes of your time, and maybe get income from now on!

So, if you have about five minutes or so to spare right now, I am going to tell you step by step how to get started with one affiliate marketing company. I will show you how to make your first ad, where to place it, and so forth. If you have the time to spare, keep on reading. Its really detailed! And, once you go through this the first time, its a breeze from then on out!

I have been working with an affiliate marketing company that LITERALLY has thousands of marketing opportunities, any of which can be done by anyone at any time. The company is called clickbank. Maybe you have heard of them? Anyways, Here is a link to their website, directly to the affiliate marketer sign up page:

Go through the sign in process, WRITE DOWN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD!!!

Once you have signed up, gotten your confirmation email, and logged back into the site, you can start looking at literally thousands and thousands of marketing opportunities!

Log into your clickbank account using your new user name and password. Then click on the blue lettering at the top of the page that says "marketplace".

The next screen that comes up will say "Search the Clickbank Marketplace". You will need to at LEAST search by category. So in that area of the search bar choose one of the 9 different options from the drop down menu (business to business, health and fitness, home and family, etc.) I;d suggest changing the language to English though, just to be sure that you don;t get some who knows what written in Jibberish!!!

Lets say for example you choose business to business.

Your next webpage is going to show you a huge list of different products. You can choose to promote any of them that you like, unlimited, and pretty much anywhere you like.

Lets say for example that item 1 on the list is "Double stocks- stocks trading robot". After the title, there will be a brief description, and below these there are two links. The first link will say "view pitch page". The second one will say "create hoplink". Lets say that you decide you want to promote this item. First, click on the view pitch page link. Read through it a little so you can get an idea of what it is that you are promoting. Then go back to the clickbank page and hit "create hoplink".

Once you hit the hoplink button, clickbank will generate for you a unique tracking URL address. This address you should click on and copy. Write it down somewhere if you like too. It is this URL that you will use to advertise this item. It is through this URL that you will recieve any sort of payment!

Lets say, for the sake of argument, that the hoplink created for you says: http://promo11188.paidetc.hopnmop (this is not a real link. It will not take you anyplace!)
Now all you have to do is take that URL, plop it into blogs, chat rooms, anything. Add a little information before the link. Let me give you an example....
For the sake of argument, lets use our "Double stocks- stock trading robot" item. After reading the pitch page, you figure out that basically this is a downloadable software program that will watch the stock market for you. You can type in your different stocks, whatever you have bought and all. The stock robot will then keep records of when those specific stocks go up or down and notify you when its a good idea to either buy or sell.
You then type out this short understanding, just as I have done above. At the bottom you write something like this:

"Want to learn more? Come and see our product at our website: http://promo11188.paidetc.hopnmop (again, this is not a real link).

Now that you know what to market and how to write, you need to know where to do the advertising, right? Well, unfortunately, craigslist and quite a few other popular places won't let you put in the hoplink URL's. But, they WILL let you put in links to other URL's as long as they are not affiliate marketing URL's/ In other words, its okay to add the address of a website, like, but it is NOT okay to put one in that looks like it is a hoplink (as in clickbank). There is a trick to get around this, and here is where having your own website comes in handy!

First, if you don;t want to bother with the website thingie, and just want to paste in hoplink URL's and brief descriptions, that is fine. You can do that! One way to do it immediately is to find ANY comments forum ANYWHERE on the web. Just plop your ad right in there! Let me give you a place to start....

Click on this website:

You will be taken to a registration page for This is a nationwide news publication website. You will be registering as a user-editor. You can put in anything you like about any topic, at any time, including the hoplinks. Go through the registration process, and once you are through, you can post post post to your heart's content!
If you want to go through the big whigs, like craigslist, then you will need to use your website. And here is how to do it... First, open up a wordpad document. Type out your mini advertisement, the one where you paraphrased the product for sale, just as I mentioned earlier above. Skip a few lines. Type in:

"Oops, the information you seek has moved. Please see our new website: http://promo11188.paidetc.hopnmop"

Next, open up your free website account. Create a new page.

Now, on this new page, copy the oops ad and the hoplink, paste it into your website anywhere you like. Making it have its own page is best. After you make your web page published, copy the website address (the URL).

Lets say, for the sake of argument, that you are using as your free website. So you have now created a website with the Oops on it. You will want to name this website separately, so lets say you name this page "Stock Market". Once you publish the page, the address will read something like this:

Now copy this new web page address, then paste it onto the end of the first mini advertisement. Your advertisement body may look something like this:

We offer a downloadable software program that will watch the stock market for you. You can type in your different stocks, whatever you have bought and all. The stock robot will then keep records of when those specific stocks go up or down and notify you when its a good idea to either buy or sell. To learn more, visit our website:

Take this whole portion of text and paste it into craigslist anywhere you like! When someone clicks on your website address, which is legal under the craigslist terms, they will go to your website. When they get to your website they will see the Oops message, and will then click on the hoplink ad, which takes them right to the product you are promoting!

Make sense?

Now that you know how to do affiliate marketing, the doors are swung wide open for you! Go and get your piece of the pie!

Virtually every area of the United States has an auction house within any given 50 mile radius. Some are ran by individuals, while others are widely advertised. Most people know that you can find great deals at auctions. But did you know that you can quickly and easily make money at them too? And, you can get all the free stuff you want to sell at them too! No going through your own attic or storage sheds. No shelling out cash for items you think (or hope) will turn a profit!

Here is how to find all the free stuff you could ever wish for to sell at the auction!
First, make some signs that say something like this:

" Do you have unwanted "stuff"? Did you have a yard sale and still have left overs that you'd rather throw away or give away than to look at? Give me a call! I will take all of your unwanted stuff off of your hands for free!" (add your contact information)

Post these ads anywhere that you think locals will see it: the convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. When someone calls, they will tell you that they have X amount of stuff to get rid of . You set up a mutually convenient time to pick it up. Now all you have to do is go and get it! You never know what you will find! In fact, sometimes people get rid of priceless artifacts without even knowing it, which is where ebay comes into the picture as well!

If you like, you can drive straight from the donator's house to the local auction and sell it on the spot. Or, you can take it home and go through it, searching for any treasures. I have done this a few times, and I found some heirloom china pieces that (no joke) got me $50 for one tiny little saucer on ebay!

Auction houses usually work on a commission basis. They will sell off whatever you bring, even fall apart junk! Most of them will pay you cash by the end of the auction, while others may wish to pay you the following week. In any case, this is free money, and the only work you had to do was go get the stuff to sell!
Some auction houses will leave unsold items sitting outside for whomever wants them. So check in your local area to see what auctions exist, what policies are in place, and so forth.

Another great way to find stuff to sell is through craigslist. Take a look at the "free" listings for your area. I don;t know about you, but around here there will be ads by people saying they are giving away working appliances, good furniture, all sorts of things. Many times the ads will say that the item is sitting on the curb at such-and-so address, and will be there on such-and-so day, for anyone to come and get it at their convenience. This is an awesome way to get yourself some free money! Just take a look at what is listed and follow the money road!!!

Ebay is the ULTIMATE place to sell things AND have security that your rights are preserved! Virtually everyone has something that they could sell. And, the old saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure is never so true as it is on ebay. You can literally find anything that you can think of on ebay for sale at pretty much any given time.

I mentioned earlier in the Auctions section about getting unwanted stuff from leftover, unsold auction items. Would you believe this.... I found some Royal Doulton gold-rimmed china in amazing condition, just sitting outside in a cardboard box along with all the other discarded junk. I grabbed those up for sure! I brought them home, took pictures, and posted them to ebay. By the close of my auctions, I had made $75 from those unwanted dishes. How's that for a profit!

Not only can you sell things directly on ebay, but you can also buy things that you can either resell locally for a higher price OR resell right back onto ebay or onto other sales websites. Often you can find wholesale lot auctions of all sorts of things on ebay, giving you substantial savings! I remember one time I saw a listing for 150 of these little ceramic babies, which I had noticed were being sold locally for about $2.99 each.

These were sophisticated baby announcements, you see, and the tiny babies inside were either made to be worn as necklaces, to be used as tree ornaments, to be worn as a clasp pin, or to be carried as a worry stone. The person selling all 150 had the price set at $10 for all of them, and just barely enough postage to mail them all out! Well, believe you me, I grabbed onto them. When they arrived, I took them right down to our local store where they were being sold, spoke to the manager, and unloaded them all for $50. They were absolutely thrilled with this price, as you can imagine, since they could make a substantial profit at their asking price. I made a $40 profit myself, so it was a true win-win arrangement!

I also make beadwork jewelry, and have done so for 21 years or so now. I sell the things I make on ebay all the time. And, because of my many years of repeated quality, customer service, and responsible way of doing business, I have numerous repeat customers who choose to contact me directly to place orders for special occasions or for customized gifts for others.

If you make anything at all, you can also sell these items on ebay. Or, perhaps instead of making something and then hoping it sells, you could place a listing on ebay that says something like "custom design your own ------" , then let the customer tell you what they want and make or build it based on their specifications. Customers love this idea because they can truly get what they are looking for. You will love this idea because you will know that your item is already sold even before you make it!

The good news about ebay is that they have certain protections in place for sellers. If somebody tries to scam you out of money or lie about the condition of your items, ebay has a seller's negotiation option where an unbiased person will review your case and usually decide in your favor. Also, if you choose to allow people to pay you with paypal for your items, paypal also has a protection for sellers except theirs is a bit better and quicker AND seems to be more in favor of sellers than buyers.

Signing up as a buyer and/or seller on ebay is really quite simple. It is only a matter of following the prompts and entering your information. Ebay has this wonderful program called "live help" too, which can connect you with someone who knows all about ebay and can help you at anytime day or night.

So, to sign up for ebay go to this website:

At the top left hand corner it will say something like "Sign in or Register". Click on Register, and begin the registration process. Once you have a user name and password, write down this information in your notebook!!!

You may have heard of drop-shipping companies, such as SMC. These companies take orders on your behalf and then ship items directly to your customers with your name on them. There are a number of different drop shipping companies that deal in any number of items. I personally have never worked with any of these sort of companies, but I have been a customer of them. Some are great, some are not, and some will send you terrible stuff. I cannot give you advice as to whether or not to follow that avenue, because I have not done it myself. It is, however a lucrative way to make money without any overhead or extensive paperwork.

Finally, one way that I do know works well is to serve as a sales go-between for people who want to sell their things on ebay and people who want to buy things on ebay. You can either set up a store to do this or do it from your home with local advertising for your services. Basically what you do is take people's stuff, list it on ebay for them, and if it sells you get a commission of the sales price. Customers always pay you up front for your listing fees so you are never out of pocket. The go-between store will package and ship out the item on the behalf of the original customer. If you do this from home, you can take off part of your electric, your internet service, your phone service, and maybe even use of one of your vehicles as business expenses! I have not personally ran a store like this, although I have helped family and friends to sell things on ebay. And also, before I got started with ebay myself, I did go to one of these stores and had them serve as the go between for me. It was a very good experience! I got paid fairly, all my fees and potential earnings were disclosed up front. The people who ran the store sold EVERYTHING!
OTHER SITES TO SELL THINGS is a great place to unload things that can't be shipped, that you don't want to ship, or that you want to do business with locally. Craigslist is totally free to anyone. You can sell anything you like, and even give things away for free if you like, even unexpected puppies or kittens or whatever! And if you will recall, I mentioned placing ads in craigslist for affiliate marketing. Craigslist does have some safeguards in place to prevent direct affiliate marketing, which is why you will need to follow the exact directions I listed under affiliate marketing if you want to get around these barriers. Craigslist does not charge a single penny for anyone to list something for sale, although they do ask that you not place the exact same ad twice within a three day period. You do not have to create an account with craigslist in order to sell things there. Instead, you will receive a confirmation email to whatever email address you provide them, which you must click on to activate any ads. You can choose to list your contact information in the ad or remain annonymous. Customers who wish to contact you can email through craigslist, then craigslist will forward the message to you without revealing to anyone your personal information. I have sold an RV camper on craigslist within only three days for cash, a car on craigslist in only a week also for cash, and I found a great full set XBOX with games for my son for about a tenth of the new price! Craigslist does not accept any liability for ads that are placed or any transaction that occurs between anyone, so with them, you are on your own. But, at the same time, since you are dealing with people locally its more personal and less likely to be ripped off by some scammer.
------------------ is a place to sell unwanted books of any sort or subject matter. Of course, you can sell these on ebay too, but amazon is known for literature sales. Amazon charges a small fee per item sold. Their sales procedures are self-explanatory. I have sold a few items through amazon and had a wonderful experience doing so. is a location for selling jewelry. I personally have not sold on etsy, although I have a friend to sells there exclusively. Their fees are lower than ebay and they tend to cater to a more designer type marketplace. My friend has given me nothing but good reviews of etsy, and has tried to convince me to switch to them on a number of occasions. I think I am married to ebay, though! (haha)


Let me warn you, never, never, NEVER pay anyone a single penny to start mystery shopping! All you will get for your hard earned cash is a list of "potential" mystery shopping companies with no guarantees for a job!

I know exactly where to find a HUGE list of honest to goodness, real mystery shopping companies! And, that website can be found at It is absolutely free to sign up for any of the companies and to see them all. Signing up does take time, however, as you have to go through the process for each one. Most of them will want you to be signed up with paypal to receive your payments. Since you have already done that, you are good to go there!

Mystery shopping is another term for private eye, but in the terms of shopping at a store or doing business at a given location. You, as a mystery shopper, are hired to go to a specific location and make observations such as how customers are treated, if the store is clean, if the products are well stocked, and so forth. You must pretend to always be a normal, every day customer. Once you get back home, you write a report about your experiences for the assigning company and then you will get paid for your time and efforts!

Virtually any store or business of any notable size at all uses mystery shopping services. Anything from banks to restaurants, amusement parks, automotive services, stores selling ANYTHING, and so forth are potential candidates. I have gotten free amusement park tickets, free oil changes, free gas, free food (even expensive dinners at posh restaurants), spa treatments such as facials and massages, and even free electronics! Some jobs will require you to make a small purchase as if you were a regular customer, which is usually reimbursed along with additional pay. Some jobs are strictly for pay, such as if you are making an audit of a restaurant.


I have worked for a number of different companies. And, out of them all, I can honestly say that one company stands out above the rest, and that is Shoppers Inc. out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They have always been on time with payments for me, I have never had to question their methods or ask for more detailed instructions, and I can always reach a personal representative who knows me on a first name basis.
They have jobs in every state in the United States for a variety of different jobs!

Here is the link to their website so you can read all about them!

Here is a direct link to sign up with them as a shopper:


Now that I have empowered you to go out there and grab your piece of the internet money pie, perhaps you can return the favor in a slight way? Would you please send an email to this address:

Tell her who you are, that you just signed up as a shopper, and that shopper number 10558 referred you.

Thank you for helping out a fellow at-home worker, and good luck to all of you out there!!!