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Native American beadwork at its FINEST! Meet, Greet, Share, Enjoy!

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History / Background
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Everyone has seen Native American Indian beadwork, because of its popularity as earrings, necklaces, watchbands, cigarette lighter-holders, belts, purses and other small items.

Since the 1960's, this "modern" beadwork has been imitated in oriental factories and imported very cheaply. It competes with high-quality beadwork of native craftspeople. A U.S. General Accounting Office study done in the mid-80's indicated that native craftspeople have lost tens of millions of dollars in potential sales (over an 8-year period) to such fakes. Since the passage of the 1990 Native American Arts and Crafts Act, it is a federal felony to offer imitations as the product of Indian craftspeople.

My Background

My name is Amy Boswell. I am a Native American beadwork artist of Cherokee and Choctaw descent. I began beading at age 11, more for entertainment purposes than anything. I recall all the frustrations, all the unbelievable knots, all the mistakes, and all the feelings of accomplishments. I honestly have no clue what exactly drove me to continue practicing all of these years, where most people would have long given up. Perhaps it was the support of my elders and community. Perhaps it was the thrill of the challenge. Perhaps it was my "artistic eye". Whatever it was, I am glad to continue the art today. It is also very enjoyable to see my children sitting beside me as I bead, and in their own way learning the techniques as they go along.

Today I have over 20 years of beading experience. Imagine that!  When I think of all the countless hanks of beads that have passed through my posession, of all the items I have created, of all the smiles I have brought to the faces of others, it is just mind boggling.

I am often found traveling the pow wow circuit either as a dancer, supporting my kids and their dancing, spectating,  or selling my work as a vendor/artist. And recently I have begun to sell my things online too. I have been honored in the past by being commissioned to do entire head to toe beadwork sets for traditional and fancy men dancers. I have whole families that turn to me exclusively when it comes time for a new addition to their dance sets. What a blessing! I have also completed applique and customized work for others. I take great pride in my work, and I greatly enjoy creating these things.

What you see for sale in this website is only a teeny tiny sampling of my work, but be assured, the same care and devotion went into creating these things just as much as my bigger projects. I have added some pictures of larger projects in the Gallery area from the past as well.

Sometimes people ask me why my prices are lower than what others may be asking. I tell them that not all payment comes in monetary form. My asking price is only to cover my time and maybe the materials. The rest of my payment comes from the joy I receive in my heart while creating these beautiful things. Payment also comes when I know that my things are being enjoyed by others.

For these reasons, it is with great pleasure that I choose to offer all of my customers a one year, unconditional guarantee on all of my work. If you are not able to wear or use my beadwork, and it sits in a drawer somewhere, then I am not getting paid, you see? I would rather repair your things for you and know that it serves you well than to think that my work is not being used and enjoyed as intended.

My guarantee means for you that if for any reason your beadwork should become damaged, even if it was the dog's fault, I will gladly repair it for you free of charge for a whole year. I use sturdy threads and take great care in my work, so I know your work will last a long time. My mom even has some things that I made back at age 11, and she still wears it! But, things do happen from time to time, so if this should be the case, please do not be ashamed to contact me!

If you do not see what you like in this website, you can always contact me for a customized order. You can also check back periodically. Depending on my time and my orders you may find quite a few things for sale or only a few. You can get the colors and designs you want, and a good price, and guaranteed too!

Thank you so kindly for looking!